Unfolding Your Truth – This whole addiction to drama —

Is drama an addiction?

Are we addicted to drama just like we are addicted to alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling?  We say we don’t like drama and we don’t want drama in our lives and yet drama happens .


How many of us grew up in families that operated from and with drama?  To fix an issue we must go back to the root and that’s our childhoods (unresolved trauma).  The program and lifestyle of drama is so deeply rooted in our subconscious that we operate from the modality of drama even though we say we don’t want drama.

Did you grow up in a family that drama happened?  Parents fighting, operating from crisis mode? Waiting for the other shoe to drop?  This is all drama!  How about even when something is happening in your life that needs your attention and we create the drama in our minds – meaning mind chatter, the mind creating scenarios that haven’t even happened?  All drama!  When we replay tapes of something that just happened or what someone said to us and our mind chatter is replaying and replaying and at each time it replays we feel ourselves getting upset – DRAMA!  The EGO enjoys DRAMA for it provides power.  Do you find yourself replaying events from the past in your mind?  Sometimes we even attract relationships that will create drama to keep us comfortable in what we are use to, because to release an old pattern is “grieving” to the “old” self, and who wants to grieve and let go of something that no longer serves us because it’s the grieving part that is painful.

So the question is, How do we stop this from continuing this cycle of drama?

In order to stop the drama we must recognize that we are in the drama even if it’s only in our mental chatter.  We need to know that’s what we’re doing otherwise it’s another pattern and it’s automatic like driving your car.  It’s self examination and self evaluation to truly look at your life and see if there is any drama meaning even with the relationships you choose to have in your life.  Do you know gossip is a form of “drama” also?  To look at this is to be in a place of honesty to ourselves.  Anything that feels like drama is drama!  If we have people in our lives that create drama this keeps us in the pattern – we think and fool ourselves by saying it’s not us, but in actuality it is us as we are choosing to relate to the drama rather than relating to peace. To acknowledge that we have drama is the first step to letting go of the drama.

There’s good news!

Once the drama is acknowledged and you see it how you have attracted into your life (the root – where and when it started),  then a peaceful, calm life can be had.  I’m not saying you won’t see another drama ever again – I am saying that you will learn to spot it and see it and before you get all wrapped up in it, you can either choose to protect yourself from it or you can choose to stay away from it and not owning any of it.  Love yourself enough to see it and not be part of it!  Now is the time to love yourself more not less.  Part of loving yourself more not less is to be in a place of non judgment of yourself, accepting yourself gently and at that point peace will come from within.  As you start living in less and less drama it may feel  a bit boring because you are choosing to see life from different eyes that is not part of the drama.  Please don’t confuse this for it may seem sad, depressing – instead accept it as a life with no drama and the new outcome is peace and calm for how can anyone live with addictions and find peace.

To me a peaceful calm life feels like a “free” life.  A life that is more lived in the present moment, a life full of JOY!

What does a peaceful/calm life look like to you?

The possibilities are always exciting when you live,

Always in truth,


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2 thoughts on “Unfolding Your Truth – This whole addiction to drama —”

  1. Thought provoking post! A peaceful/calm life, to me, is when I’m sync with extending myself for the purpose of nurturing my own or another’s spiritual growth, the definition I adopted from Scott M Peck’s ‘The Road Less Traveled’ many moons ago.

    1. Hello Beat (my friend)!

      Thank you for reading and for your comment on what a peaceful/calm life is to you. And you are doing that with your “Last Train to Simple” new release book….good for you and here’s to you for living in your truth!

      In joy,

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