Unfold Your Truth and Be Part of the Ripple Effect

Ziggy Marley Singing True to Myself

Have you ever experienced fear when you’re faced with telling someone your truth?

And once you did tell the truth you felt as if you got your power back?

Let’s explore why we are afraid of speaking our truth?  It comes down to one word FEAR!  Fear of not being liked, fear of judgment, fear of hurting someone else’s feelings, doubting our own words and power, playing small. Could it be possibly our subconscious desire to stay stuck in our victim for it’s easier to stay the same then to create something new within us?

Being aware is the first step towards change

Our deepest fear is not that we are INADEQUATE. Our deepest fear is that we are POWERFUL beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us…….  Marianne Williamson

In the words of Mark Nepo, author of one of my favorite books entitled, The Book of Awakening, he states, “we often find ourselves searching for an inner food known as truth.  For the authenticity of living is not just an interesting idea or an eloquent feeling.  Authenticity, the experience of truth, is our richest food.  Without it we will freeze to death.”  What this tells us is that no matter what we say we will or will not do, no matter the imperious standards by which we judge ourselves and the world, we humbly can’t know what we will do when starving for truth.  For often life brings us to our knees so that something can take root.  While feeding on truth can disrupt the ways we like to see ourselves, it can also deeply affirm that we as human beings are resilient beyond anything we can imagine.  Humbly and unavoidably, the need for truth will lead us into the unexpected living of our lives beyond all images of perfection.

We close down our voices in the fear of saying the truth that is within us.  By doing this, you are giving away your power to the other person.  By not speaking our truth we keep playing these roles and we keep attracting the same situations in different forms.  We make a choice to finally speak up because we eventually become sick and tired of being sick and tired of not speaking from a place of truth.  Have you seen in your own life that situations and people keep showing up in different forms triggering us to speak our hearts in truth?  For people and situations will keep showing up until our lesson is learned.  It’s getting out of our comfort zones, it’s doing something different to produce different results and finally getting to a place of freedom and joy via the truth by speaking from a place of love and respect.

When I say speaking from our hearts, we can speak from a place of love and not have to approach others with anger, fear or judgment.  It’s when we speak from a place of love our truth can be heard from a place of love and it doesn’t really matter how it’s received for we are truly only responsible for our own actions.  I am a work in progress and understanding this has allowed me to free up the energy to love more not less both myself and others.

Know that your body is the best indicator of truth, for your gut will talk to you.  The ego will trump our truth each time, it will create doubt, fear and lack of confidence.  Our ego will tell us to be quiet even when we know we need to speak our truth for it wants to keep you in fear.  Please understand that we do need our ego to survive, the key is keeping the ego in check.  At times, we must talk to it in love to quiet the voice of fear for the ego triumphs in our shadow (our shadow contains all parts of ourselves that we have tried to hide or deny).

So next time a situation shows up where we are being asked to speak our truth remember that it’s showing up  for a reason and the reason is for you to have the courage to stay in your power and say what your heart is asking you to say.  The growth in ourselves is that you never know the lives that will be affected by speaking your voice in truth let alone how the truth will affect your own life?!

Got to be true to yourself, like Ziggy Marley sings……..

The possibilities are always exciting when you live……

Always in truth which leads to joy,




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