Making Decisions from your Past – OH, OH….

How many decisions that you are in the process of making right now is a decision based on your past?

Does this sound familiar – something comes up in your world and you immediately make a decision without realizing that it is coming from your past experience?  Which in turn creates a reality based on the past and therefore, the hamster on the wheel of life is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  I know you’ve heard this called – Insanity!

How do we create a new reality based on the here and now?  How do we create a new life, joy, happiness based on the NOW?  The subconscious mind stores memories and it’s great at it – that’s why we don’t have to think twice on how to ride a bike, drive a car, brush our teeth – these realities are stored in the subconscious mind and they are automatic responses.  In the same way, our experiences from the past are also stored in the subconscious mind and unfortunately, there’s not a compartment that keeps things organized on decisions based on everyday functions and decisions based on everyday choices.

To truly make a decision from the here and NOW – we must be in the present moment of life, aligned with our Creator and then make a decision.  Weighing out where is this decision coming from – is it based on my past?  OR – is it based on my choice of the here and now and what I’ve learned from all my past experiences?  Sounds simple right?  So why is it so hard to do?  Because just like Pavlov’s dog, we are so use to not thinking but instead reacting to a certain situation.  In the reaction mode we take a stored experience response and use that as our “GO TO.”  Without thought or consideration of where is this is coming from? So awareness of our thoughts, our decisions, our patterns helps in creating a new reality with “new ideas” and “new patterns”.  We get stuck in the old for sometimes to go to the new means death to the old “self” and this may be too painful to die to the old self in order for the new to truly start living!  This is called the EGO (Edging God Out). Crazy right?!

This is especially true in “love” relationships and patterns.  You got burned from an old love and this pain got embedded in the subconscious mind and so when you are in a “new” relationship and something triggers you that reminds you of an old relationship you go to the “FEAR” and react from that “FEAR.”  Causing the same response to a new relationship but using an old modality that no longer serves you.  Our goal is to learn from old relationships and hopefully not create the same reality once again which brings you to a new love with old love feelings.  Treat the new relationship as NEW and when the trigger happens, realize before you react where is this feeling, trigger coming from and then respond.  Respond in a honest, loving way to create an honest and loving relationship.  With learning from the past experience you can respond from the present and not from the past.

An exercise for you to do to assist you in being in the here and now:  Be open to being aware of where your answers are coming from?  Ask yourself the simple question, “where is this choice, decision, words coming from?”  This simple awareness will bring you peace, love, joy and equanimity.  Feel free to leave a comment or share the love by sharing this post with your friends and family……

Be here now…….and always be loving and gentle to yourself!

The possibilities are always exciting when you live….

Always in truth to  yourself,







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