Finding your True Self through Emotional Honesty

Our true self is beneath our emotional layers.  Our individual expression from our soul and unique human experience.  We’ve learned to undervalue our emotional sensitivity and yet  we find all of our treasures within.  This is our soul.

Emotional truth is of the soul.  We can go into our own feelings and experience and we must heal our childhood root to heal emotional patterns.  It’s going into our deeper root to awaken to a new place.

Rather than looking at your thoughts and calling them not facts or trying to get rid of them or trying to meditate without thoughts.  Rather than just saying that’s the ego or I’m not going to believe that thought – it’s helpful to look at those thoughts and get curious on where they are coming from and where the beliefs came from.  From there you can actually grieve and let go of these beliefs that have blocked you from your true self.

It’s the emotions beneath the belief systems that keep the belief systems alive.

We are cleansed by feeling our pain and grief and that’s the healing.  Not to be afraid of it and push it down but instead by feeling every emotion at its root, to truly allow it to move through you.  For what we resist persists and they’ll keep coming up until you heal them.  For myself, I do this by allowing the emotion to arise – see it and place my hands over my heart and love each emotion that arises.  Saying, “I love you” – for like a child that is being ignored the emotion will continue to scream until you sooth it.

Feeling and having faith is the answer to unfolding our true self.  Not being stuck in the emotional drama of it all but by loving yourself and truly feeling.  Your relationship with yourself becomes so sweet.  New behaviors, new habits of loving self is key to a more playful lifestyle.

We can’t control our minds with positive thinking unless you feel the effects of positive thinking.  We have so many opportunities to learn and grow as we unveil and unfold our true feelings and emotions as they arise.  We heal each one through a practice of loving ourselves more not less.  Create your boundaries, get out of unhealthy relationships and keep growing and learning through love not pain.

For at the core of your being is true love and honesty, to get to this place is getting to a place of JOY!

The possibilities are always exciting when you live….

Always in truth,



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