Choose Self Love through Unfolding Your Truth

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We only can love at the capacity that we love ourselves.

This website has been created as an evolution of my own soul in the direction of creating a space of expansion through more love and compassion for myself and in turn for the world.  We are all given a voice and there comes a time in life to express this voice in truth and love.

The Course in Miracles states that only LOVE is real.  And a favorite speaker of mine, Matt Kahn states the LOVE is the only option.

How does all this LOVE resonate with you?

Millions of poems, songs, sonnets written in the name of love.  We hear, “I love you,” “Love is the only way,” “Love is all you need,” and yet what do our actions show when it comes to Philia, Romantic or Agape type of love?  We all have been hurt in the name of love and love is the last thing you want to express or show when you feel pain from loving someone.  What I have learned through my own hurts and pains is that each relationship ultimately will teach us to love ourselves more not less and this is a choice.  Yes, I stated, “to love OURSELVES more not less.”  By acknowledging the pain, feeling the pain and going through the pain, we can release it quicker.  It’s when we resist that things persist.  The art of forgiveness is key and essential in moving to a place of love for it brings freedom and ultimately joy.  We must also forgive ourselves first before we can forgive anyone else but that’s for another blog.

We are taught to believe we need another person to focus on in order to love, when in actuality you are whole and complete within yourself.  To have another person in our life is icing on the cake for you get to share a life of love and truth with them.  We desire to give love to our objects of attention and when we don’t get it back it doesn’t feel very good and may create a snowball of “feeling less then”, “what’s wrong with me”, “Am I not enough” or the opposite of that which is the same, “I’m too much” or “Do I deserve love?”

We only can love at the capacity that we love ourselves and this is why “relationships” can be difficult because every relationship is a reflection of YOU.   The book by Donald Miguel Ruiz, The Mastery of Love teaches that you must love yourself 100% before you can love another 100%.   I would add that it’s imperative to truly trust yourself 100% before you can trust another 100%.  Love and trust go hand in hand.  In love there is trust and in trust there is love!

When truth is held in compassionate hands, the sharpness of love becomes clear and not hurtful.” Mark Nepo

What would our world look like when we wake up in the morning and we chose love?

Making a conscious effort to watch our words, thoughts and be aware of our actions is a good place to begin for thoughts become emotions.  To observe as the silent observer, not the “JUDGE.”  Gently and kindly notice and not resist the emotion that is trying to emerge but instead to see it from another angle and to speak to it in love.  Place your hands over your heart and saying something like this – “Oh, I see you (fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, shame) – I’m here for you to comfort you in love.  I love you, I love you, I love you – you may have to say it 20 times before it calms down and that’s okay.  This is what loving ourselves looks like, it’s gentle and kind without judgment of the emotion.  To acknowledge our pains and thoughts and not ignoring them or resisting them but instead bringing them to the light and healing them once and for all.  If and when they show up again, by doing this exercise you will notice that they won’t scream as loud for your attention.  Those thoughts want to be seen and heard – it’s like a screaming child that wants your attention and by ignoring the child, the child gets louder and louder.  So next time an emotion of fear shows up, try the exercise and see the results through an act of self love.

Remember love is who we are at our core and only love exists – what do you choose?

Your greatest strength is love.  Your greatest weakness is fear.  Yogi Bhajan

The possibilities are always exciting when you live….

Always in truth,





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2 thoughts on “Choose Self Love through Unfolding Your Truth”

  1. What a beautiful blog Nancy! I am thrilled you chose this picture and thank you for the mention! It’s been a while since I read one of your articles and it brought me back to the beginning of “The Women of Facebook”. What fun times we had inside our long and loving discussion threads! I loved reading your many posts then and I hope to read more in 2017. It’s amazing to think we have known each other for almost 7 years!
    As much as people say they recognize my painting because of my style, I can say the same for your style of writing. You share your heart and whether your subject is love, friendship or the beauty of our planet…I can truly hear your soft voice and the beautiful message behind it all…Love you girlfriend <3
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted…Flourishing Faith!My Profile

    1. Thank you my friend Nathalie! Unbelievable how 7 years have flown by and grateful for The Women of Facebook to have brought not only us together but so many of us together! You make a great point on knowing our work by the style of our words or the style of our art…..I always know a “Nathalie” picture and have many in my own home! Love you “Balcony” Friend! <3

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